button-2An effective regulatory level playing field in Europe is key for our crowd equity business development and thus reach our break-even point and ensure optimal financing of SMEs and entrepreneurs in the European Economic Area(EEA)button-9Many of us, from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany,started operating long before their national crowd equity MiFID exemption regulations and have to adapt to it with no EU passport possibilities while others are currently developing full MIFID compliant business models to passport their activities throughout Europe.
button-4In this context, the ESMA recent recommendations, the Capital Market Union consultation by the European Commission (closed in June 2015), and its specific questions on crowdfunding, as well as national regulators and European crowd equity platforms feedback, will help in creating an efficient European Equity Crowdfunding market.button-8We pledge for a Crowd Equity pan-European regulatory level playing field creation and we will participate the process for harmonization of the different countries’ regulatory frameworks regarding Crowd Equity and creating a competitive crowdfunding market union.